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Wellness for the Healthcare Professional During the Pandemic

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posted on 2020-05-04, 21:40 authored by Mara Antonoff, Melanie Edwards, Brian Mitzman, Erin Gillaspie
Wellness for physicians has received elevated attention in recent years, as we have learned more about burnout and its negative consequences for medical professionals. A lot of attention has been given to issues surrounding diet, exercise, management of stress, and getting adequate sleep. Now, as we find ourselves amidst a pandemic, and physicians are on the front lines with many new stressors and reduced resources—concerns of physician wellness are more important than ever.
In this open, honest discussion, the panelists delve into why wellness matters during crisis, strategies to achieve wellness, as well as obstacles. The roundtable panelists also share perspective as to why it's normal to not "be ok" during a pandemic, and how members of the healthcare team can best support one another during such challenging times.


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