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VATS Pneumonectomy With the Artisential Wristed Instruments

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posted on 2021-01-20, 22:11 authored by Joel Dunning, Elizabeth Osmond
This is a video of a patient who had a large tumor which was invading the parenchyma of all three lobes and therefore clearly not suitable for a sleeve resection. The authors used the microlobectomy approach with a subxiphoid port and used that subxiphoid port to remove the lung at the end of the operation. The Artisential Hook Diathermy was particularly useful here, and they also used the artisential bipolar grasper. This video shows the benefits of wristed instrumentation without the disadvantages of robotics, which includes lack of tactile feedback, not being able to perform one’s own staple firings, not being by the patient's bedside in case of an urgent situation, set up time, and limited ability to change instruments quickly.


Joel Dunning received the Artisential Instruments free of charge but currently receives no other money from Livsmed to use their instruments. He received a consulting fee in 2019 while they were being developed but no longer receives this fee.


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