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Use of Enseal Tissue Sealer for Pulmonary Right Lower Lobectomy

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posted on 2021-09-15, 20:00 authored by George Whittaker, Vijay Joshi, Felice Granato

The Enseal® Tissue Sealer device is used as an important instrument for performing a pulmonary right lower lobectomy. This instrument can be used in a number of ways, including: grasping, blunt dissection, sharp dissection, and coagulation. This results in fewer instrument swaps and therefore reduced operative time and instrumentation.

In this video, the use of the Enseal® Tissue Sealer device is demonstrated as a useful adjunct for pulmonary resection. This cost-effective tool has been shown to be effective in the following operative steps:

1. safe and efficient dissection of soft tissues including adhesions;

2. division of pulmonary artery vessels up to 7mm in diameter as a cost-effective alternative to stapler reloads; and

3. lymph node dissection and sampling with minimal tissue and blood loss.

The resected tumour was a T2bN0M0 adenocarcinoma of the right lower lobe.


Bibi S, Alblawi S, Velchuru V, Thripuraneni G, Quinteros F, Coralic J, Marecik S, Park J, Prasad LM. Sealing of vessels larger than 7 millimeters using Enseal in porcine aorta. JSLS. 2014 Jul-Sep;18(3):e2014.00182. doi: 10.4293/JSLS.2014.00182. PMID: 25392611; PMCID: PMC4154401.


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