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Uniportal VATS Pneumonectomy for Persistent Pneumothorax in a Hypoplastic Lung

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posted on 2021-05-26, 18:44 authored by Dharar S. A. Alshehab, Essa M. AlGhunaim, Diego Gonzalez Rivas, Hussain AlShimali

19 years old patient, known case of pulmonary hypoplasia, admitted to chest diseases hospital as a case of persistent pneumothorax. CT angiography was done which showed a left pulmonary artery agenesis with multiple bullae on the left lung with a compensatory hyperinflation left lung. A left uniportal VATS pneumonectomy was performed. The post operative stay was uneventful and the intercostal drainage tube was removed two days after surgery. The patient was seen in the outpatient clinic and is doing well, asymptomatic with no issues.


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