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Uniportal Robotic Left Lower Lobectomy

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posted on 2022-07-26, 20:28 authored by Joel Dunning, Benjamin Waterhouse

This video documents the first uniportal robotic lobectomy conducted by the registrar of this video’s author. The video shows the incision, how the arms are placed in the chest, and how the team performed the operation. The method in which the operation was performed included the use of the Sureform 45 stapler. The registrar found the case to be straightforward, and the procedure went well. 

Notably, the team believed that the stapling was unambiguous. The seventh intercostal space incision for a lower lobe was reasonable, and all parts of the chest were accessed without any issue. 

Perhaps the biggest advantage of uniportal robotics is in how quick it is to set up and how simple it is to conduct. The lobectomy was performed in seventy-eight minutes, according to the My Intuitive app.

This is a new technique pioneered by Diego Gonzalez Rivas, who has done more than one hundred such cases. Joel Dunning and his registrar invite the cardiothoracic community to discuss this valuable thoracic innovation!