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Uniportal Pure Robotic-Assisted Thoracic Surgery—Left Bisegmentectomy S9-S10

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posted on 2022-08-04, 13:40 authored by Diego Gonzalez-Rivas, Veronica Manolache, Mugurel Bosinceanu, Natalia Motas

A segmentectomy is typically defined as a sublobar anatomic resection containing one segment or a group of segments. The treatment takes an individual approach of the artery, vein, and bronchus.

This video presents the new uniportal pure robotic-assisted thoracic surgery (U-RATS) approach for a bisegmental resection of S9-S10 on the left side.

The S9-S10 bisegmentectomy was chosen because of post-COVID bilateral sequelae and reduced pulmonary function. A complete inferior approach was preferred for this case after careful analysis of the arterial and venous branching on the preoperatory CT scan. The individual bronchial anatomy was identified from the preoperatory bronchoscopy. The procedure should be performed or repeated on the operating table just before starting surgery.


The patient was discharged on the second postoperative day, with excellent recovery.