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Transseptal VIV Edwards SAPIEN 3® TMVR

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posted on 2020-02-18, 17:24 authored by Ilir Hysi, Olivier Fabre, Max Pecheux, Yann Lefetz, Laurence Gautier, Bertrand Boutié, Mihai Radutoiu

The authors were faced with a patient who had previous double aortic and mitral valve replacements with two bioprosthesis (Perimount aortic 25 mm and Perimount mitral 29 mm) and presented with double structural valve degeneration. The patient was a 78-year-old woman who had major dyspnea and presented in 2019 with several hospitalizations for left heart failure. Surgery was considered of high risk. The heart team decided on a staged procedure for double endovascular treatment with aortic TAVR and transseptal TVMR.

In the following video, the authors briefly show the aortic TAVR and the transseptal VIV Edwards SAPIEN 3® TMVR. The aortic TAVR was done with a Medtronic COREVALVE of 26 mm and the mitral TVMR was done with an Edwards SAPIEN 3 29 mm. The final result was optimal with no mitral or aortic regurgitation and with very low mean gradients.


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