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Transposition of the Great Arteries With Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection: A Modified Senning for Late Presenter

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posted on 2020-11-25, 20:53 authored by Amit Mishara, Pankaj Garg
Cardiac surgeons frequently deal with transposition of the great arteries (TGA) and total anomalous pulmonary enous Cocnnection (TAPVC), common cyanotic congenital heart diseases (CHD). However, the association of TGA with TAPVC is rare. It is a medical condition that arises when the pulmonary venous blood is delivered to the systemic ventricle without pulmonary over circulation. The blood flow to the left ventricle is delivered through the atrial septal defect. Even as interventricular septum is intact, there is a regression in the left ventricle.
The purpose of this video is to present the modified Senning procedure, which is an ideal procedure for this complex congenital heart disease in late presentation with limited risk.


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