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Transcatheter Mitral Valve Replacement: Valve-in-Valve, Valve-in-Ring, and Valve-in-MAC

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posted on 2023-03-29, 13:50 authored by Kendra Grubb

This article is part of CTSNet’s Guest Editor Series, 21 Years After First TAVI: Will Pace of Innovations Continue for All Heart Valves? Guest editor Gry Dahle has curated a robust collection of content that shares the knowledge, techniques, and insights of several distinguished experts from around the world. 

In this video, transcatheter mitral valve replacement methods are reviewed—valve-in-valve, valve-in-ring, and valve-in-MAC—focusing on the challenges of the techniques and how to improve outcomes through appropriate patient selection and specialized techniques. A case of an elderly patient with a failed mitral repair is presented to demonstrate preoperative planning and adjunctive techniques during TMVR in a failed mitral ring. Next, the focus shifts to the most challenging patient population, valve-in-MAC, with even greater focus on patient selection and technical considerations. 


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