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Transareolar and Endoscopic Mitral Valve Repair

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posted on 2020-10-15, 21:18 authored by Theo Kofidis
With the constant evolution of minimally invasive technology and skill, cardiac valve procedures are becoming less and less invasive, mostly supported by endoscopic tools and imaging. Entering the chest via the 4th intercostal space provides sufficient space to arrest the heart, enter the left atrium, and repair the mitral valve appropriately, resulting in a fast and uneventful recovery and a superb cosmetic result. The authors’ experience with this technique is reported, and tips and hints, as well as caveats and exclusion criteria, are discussed.


Musumeci F, Mariscalco G, Ranocchi F, Tosi D, Persichetti P. Transareolar robotic-assisted access to the mitral valve. Innovations (Phila). Nov-Dec 2015;10(6):438-440.


Theo Kofidis is a consultant and advisor to Medtronic, whose mitral valve repair ring was utilized in the presented operation but was not associated with any paid/commissioned work.


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