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The Purpose of Life is to Seek Happiness; It's Up to You!

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posted on 2020-08-13, 21:20 authored by Theo Kofidis, CN Lee

This is a video of an inspirational lecture given by Prof. CN Lee to the National University Surgical Cluster in Singapore. Now retired but still available for support and advice, Dr Lee was a past president of the ASCVTS, and he helped set up 30 CT surgery programs in Asia. He continues to be a beacon of wisdom and encouragement, and he's a Zen master and promotor of an epicurean attitude in career and life. He places things in the right perspective and makes for a good laugh, as well. His lecture is ever current, essential, and witty, even provocative at times. Amidst challenging times, this is a contemplative trigger for a more coherent mindset and more divergent focus in our lives and careers, from a man "bigger than life."


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