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Sutureless Aortic Valve Replacement Via Right Anterior Thoracotomy

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posted on 2017-12-12, 20:38 authored by Selim Isbir, Sinan Arsan, Yasar Birkan, Koray Ak, Alper Kararmaz, Nihal Kolbas, Elif Demirbas
The authors present a sutureless aortic valve replacement via a right anterior thoracotomy, using minimal extracorporeal circulation (MECC) in an 84-year-old patient with severe aortic stenosis.

Preoperative tomographic angiography showed a right-sided aorta. A 4 cm transverse incision was made through the right second intercostal space. Rib resection was not used. Femoral arterial and venous cannulation was used. MECC is known to reduce the deleterious effects of cardiopulmonary bypass, and the main advantages of MECC are a reduced inflammatory response and less hemodilution. By using standard surgical instruments, a transverse aortotomy was made from the fat pad. Calcified leaflets were resected, and a small size Perceval sutureless valve was inserted. The aortotomy was then closed. Postoperative transesophageal echocardiogram showed no leak and excellent hemodynamics. The patient’s recovery was uneventful.

Sutureless aortic valve replacement with minicardiopulmonary bypass through the right anterior thoracotomy is a safe and feasible technique and provides an excellent result.


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