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Surgeon-Powered Robotics: Left Upper Lobectomy With Fully Wristed VATS Instruments

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posted on 2020-01-29, 20:40 authored by Joel Dunning

This video demonstrates the first VATS Left upper lobectomy using ArtiSential® wristed instruments.
For the first time in VATS, there are now instruments that are as versatile as robotic instruments. These instruments have the additional advantage of tactile feedback, the ability to do one’s own staple firings, and allow the surgeon to be with the patient in case of emergencies. It is also much cheaper than current robotic systems.

The author calls this “surgeon-powered robotics” because they can now achieve robotic-style surgery without any automation, and it includes full range of movement coming from the surgeon. The author also endeavors to use an automated camera holder to further close the gap between robotics and VATS. More videos will come as they continue to use these exciting instruments.


Joel Dunning received these instruments for free from the company.


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