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Submit to the CTSNet Resident Video Competition: A How-To-Do-It and Why

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posted on 2020-09-03, 21:52 authored by Jessica G. Y. Luc, Awais Ashfaq, Nestor Manuel Clusa, Caitlin Harrington, Brian Mitzman

Jessica Luc, a resident editor of CTSNet and cardiovascular surgery resident at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, hosts an informative roundtable with past winner of the CTSNet Resident Video Competition to o highlight the process of how they went about creating videos for their winning submission. With the recent launch of the 6th Annual CTSNet Resident Video Competition, this video is a timely tool and covers:

  • the process of obtaining and editing the video
  • the tools you used in the process
  • lessons learned from the process of applying for the competition
  • In the era of increasing digital technology and virtual learning, the past winners' views of utilizing surgical videos such as those on CTSNet for educational purposes as trainees


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