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Robotic assisted Right Upper Sleeve Lobectomy

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posted on 2021-06-18, 15:59 authored by Dylan Tan Jun Hao, Jennifer Whiteley, Alan Kirk, Rocco Bilancia

This video describes a step-by-step demonstration of a robotic assisted sleeve lobectomy for the treatment of a typical carcinoid tumour in the right upper lobe. The tumour was visible in the right upper lobe bronchus during endobronchial examination. We used a four-port approach plus utility port for this procedure. Robotic assistance was provided using the Da Vinci X robotic system. Arms 1 and 3 were used as instrument ports, Arm 2 was used as a camera port, Arm 4 was used for retraction, and the utility port was used to provide assistance. Relevant structures are highlighted in the video to aid orientation. Additionally, endobronchial guidance was achieved using the Firefly system as demonstrated. Stratafix Spiral Knotless sutures were used to perform the bronchial anastomosis.

The procedure was performed by Mr. Rocco Bilancia, narration was done by Ms. Jennifer Whiteley, and video was edited by Dr. Dylan Tan. We used music produced by Adobe Stocks (Licensed) and video was edited using Adobe Premier Pro software.


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