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Robotic Right Upper Lobe Anterior Segmentectomy (S3)

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posted on 2018-10-31, 16:53 authored by Ricardo M. Terra, Alberto J Dela Vega, Pedro de Araujo

The authors present a video of a robotic assisted pulmonary segmentectomy of the anterior segment of the right upper lobe (S3) for a metastatic nodule.

The patient was a 67-year-old man with a history of colon cancer, treated previously by resection. A metastatic pulmonary nodule in the anterior segment of the right upper lobe was detected one year later.

Material and Approach

da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA, USA)

Four incisions:

· Camera controlling arm

· Left arm (robotic arm number 2) using a Cadiere Forceps

· Right arm (robotic arm number 3) using a Maryland Bipolar Forceps

· Accessory port (For the use of the assistant physician), used to retract and to pass the stapler

Patient position: left lateral decubitus


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