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Robotic Lower Bilobectomy for an Endobronchial Mass: Suspicion of Carcinoid Tumor

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posted on 2017-07-20, 20:51 authored by Jean-Marc Baste, Valentin Soldea, Benjamin Bottet, Christophe Peillon
Compared to other bronchopulmonary cancers, carcinoid tumors represent a rare occurrence. Depending on the intrabronchial localization, the surgical treatment options range from a limited lung-sparing anatomical resection to a major pulmonary resection. This is the case of a 64-year-old male who presented with a hemoptoic cough. The CT scan found an intrabronchial mass. Bronchoscopy showed an uneasy intrabronchial localization, extending at the level of the intermediate bronchus right up to the S6 bronchus. The decision was made to perform a primary lower bilobectomy.


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