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Robotic Lingulectomy With Bronchoplasty

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posted on 2019-11-06, 20:17 authored by Joel Dunning

This video demonstrates the resection of a proximal typical carcinoid tumor of the singular bronchus that required the bronchus to be cut and then sutured closed. Since suturing was required, the author used the Si Robotic system, which is ideally suited for suturing. The distal lingular tissue had also been chronically collapsed, so there were also quite a few adhesions, which were dealt with by bipolar diathermy and then stapling the lung tissue off the pulmonary artery. The authors used the Cerfolio-based robotic technique (1).


  1. Nasir BS, Bryant AS, Minnich DJ, Wei B, Cerfolio RJ. Performing robotic lobectomy and segmentectomy: cost, profitability, and outcomes. Ann Thorac Surg. 2014;98:203-209.


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