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Right Upper Lobectomy with Surgeon Powered Robotics

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posted on 2023-09-13, 18:12 authored by Joel DunningJoel Dunning, Alyx Coleman

This video demonstrates a right upper lobectomy using the ArtiSential wristed instruments to recreate the authors’ approach to robotic surgery.

When surgeons do not have access to robotic surgery, these wristed instruments can allow them to mimic a similar surgical technique using VATS. It also has a few other advantages, including tactile feedback at the end of the fingers, the ability to change instruments very quickly and use the full range of VATS instruments and staplers, and the surgeon’s position at the bedside to address any safety issues that may arise. Of course, it is also much faster and cheaper than robotic surgery.

In this video, the authors also use cryoalangesia, a great addition to all minimally invasive surgery, and Progel, the only glue indicated to stop air leak. Both additions have greatly helped people to get home early by significantly reducing pain and air leak.


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