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Repair of Bridging Bronchus and Severe Tracheal Stenosis Associated with Left Pulmonary Artery Sling and Ventricular Septal Defect

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posted on 2022-04-19, 16:59 authored by Chawki Elzein

 Bridging the bronchus and tracheal stenosis can be associated with congenital heart defects like atrial septal defects, ventricular septal defects, tetralogy of Fallot, and aortic coarctation. This video features a case of bridging the bronchus and severe tracheal stenosis associated with left pulmonary artery sling, ventricular septal defect, and aortic coarctation. This case was successfully repaired in a low-birth-weight neonate.  



Henry BM, Cheruiyot I, Wong LM, Keet K, et al. The bridging bronchus: a comprehensive review of a rare, potentially life-threatening congenital airway anomaly associated with cardiovascular defects. Pediatric Pulmonology 2019 Dec;54(12):1895-1904.


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