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Parenchymal Preserving Bronchoplasty

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posted on 2022-02-07, 16:55 authored by Srinivas Kodaganur Gopinath, Karimundackal George, Devayani Niyogi, Virendrakumar Tiwari, Sabita Jiwnani, C.S Pramesh

Surgical resection is curative for carcinoid tumors of the airway (1). Parenchymal preserving techniques such as bronchoplasty and sleeve resections have been shown to have equivalent oncological outcomes when compared to more radical resections (2). This video demonstrates two cases. The first is a simple resection of a typical carcinoid tumor located in the right main bronchus, followed by a simple end-to-end bronchial anastomosis. In the second case, the tumor is located in the junction of the right upper lobe and bronchus intermedius, necessitating a more complex reconstruction with two separate anastomoses (bronchus intermedius to right main bronchus and right upper lobe bronchus to right main bronchus).

To make it easier for residents and medical students to follow, wherever possible, the video illustrates the anatomy with colored annotations.


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