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Mitral Annular Sizing for Mitral Valve Repair Surgery

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posted on 2019-02-18, 18:10 authored by Michael A. Borger, Bettina Pfannmueller

A vital component of successful mitral valve repair surgery is accurate sizing of the mitral annuloplasty ring or band. In this video, several methods of mitral annular sizing are discussed.

Prebypass measurement of the anterior mitral leaflet (AML) length via transesophageal echocardiography can be used to estimate the annular size. During direct visualization of the mitral valve, annuloplasty ring or band size can also be determined by measuring the AML length (the most commonly used method), the intercommissural distance, and the intertrigone distance. Each of these options is displayed and discussed in this video.

Dr Borger receives speakers' honoraria and/or consulting fees (< $10,000 per annum) from Edwards Lifesciences, Medtronic, Abbott (St. Jude), and CryoLife.


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