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Mitigating Cardiothoracic Surgical Global Health Disparities: A CTSNet ‘World Hall’ Discussion

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posted on 2020-09-25, 19:45 authored by David Tom Cooke, Jacques Kpodonu, Ralph Bolman III, Emily Farkas, John deGraft-Johnson, Frank Edwin, Kathleen Fenton, Dominique Vervoort

CTSNet hosted a global live event addressing the widespread disparities in accessing cardiothoracic surgical care, which the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into even sharper relief.

Co-moderators David Cooke, MD, of UC Davis Health and Jacques Kpodonu, MD, of Harvard Medical School were joined by an esteemed panel of international guests, who tackled, among other topics, the role of humanitarian missions and NGOs in enhancing access to cardiothoracic surgery and the challenges of initiating cardiothoracic surgery programs in developing countries.


  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunity and Challenges
  • A Call to Action for African Cardiac And Thoracic Clinical Registries
  • Role of Humanitarian Missions in Strengthening National Health Systems: The Rwanda Model
  • Role of NGOs in Cardiac Surgery Missions
  • Triumphs and Tribulations in Starting a Global Thoracic Surgery Program in Your Home Community

Immediately following the presentations, there was a panel discussion focusing on overall themes and similarities in global health disparities.


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