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Ministernotomy for Aortic Valve Replacement

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posted on 2019-09-11, 19:08 authored by Fernando Barbosa, Claudio Moyano, Andres Otero, Diego Colichelli, Ana Duret, Fernanda Castro, Alejandro Nazra

The upper sternotomy or ministernotomy has been a well-known technique for many years, but it is not a common surgery. It has few pitfalls and not many secrets, but many benefits. Despite these factors, a minimally invasive approach is not routinely adopted. The ministernotomy finished at the third or fourth right Intercostal spaces can result in one of the pitfalls at the right mammary artery. The authors prefer to clip and section the artery. Some others prefer to respect the mammary. The point of this technique is that one must open the right pleura, and if the mammary bleeds, it can result in some blood loss. One of the tips is to put in the venous cannula as a chest tube. This can expand the operating field with less cannulae in the area, and remove the right atrium from the aortic root.


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