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Making a Difference in Cardiothoracic Nursing

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posted on 2017-06-09, 17:22 authored by Joel Dunning, Jill Ley

In an interview filmed at the 2016 EACTS Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Joel Dunning talks with CTSNet Associate Editor for Allied Health and clinical nurse specialist Jill Ley about how cardiothoracic surgery nurses at all stages of their career can become more involved in the profession and improve patient outcomes. Ms. Ley encourages nurses to find mentors, join professional organizations, and present research at specialty conferences. Ms. Ley and Mr. Dunning also discuss the CTSNet Allied Health Portal, and how allied health professionals can become involved with it. “Don’t shy away from taking that first step,” Ms. Ley advises. “Join, volunteer, and participate. I guarantee you that the rewards will be far greater than you anticipated.”


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