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Innovations on the Norwood Procedure: Sustained Total All-Region (STAR) Perfusion

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posted on 2021-09-08, 20:00 authored by Neel K. Prabhu, James M. Meza, Nicholas D. Andersen, Joseph W. Turek

Recovery following the neonatal Norwood procedure is often complicated by bleeding, acute kidney injury, systemic inflammatory response, and low cardiac function [1]. The traditional conduct of this operation under deep hypothermic circulatory arrest likely exacerbates these problems. Total body perfusion during Norwood reconstruction may improve post-operative recovery by cooling to only mild hypothermia and eliminating ischemic time in all vascular beds. Here, we present a novel technique for sustained total all-region (STAR) perfusion of the heart, upper body, and lower body throughout the Norwood operation [2, 3].


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