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Improving Survival in Early Stage NSCLC by Incorporating a 14 Gene Molecular Risk Diagnostic Assay

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posted on 2020-11-20, 22:33 authored by David M. Jablons, Gavitt A. Woodard, Melissa H. Coleman, Collin Blakely

CTSNet hosted a live event on November 18 that aimed to shed light on important recent developments in lung cancer treatment. The recording is now available.

Moderated by David Jablons, MD, University of California San Francisco, who was joined by an esteemed panel, this live event presented data about the development of a molecular assay based on resected tumor RNA expression from simple paraffin-fixed tissue samples. This is integrated into an algorithm that can assign a risk score for recurrence. This molecular risk score is fully independent of standard TNM staging and does not rely on any other clinical parameters. The assay has been widely validated in thousands of patients and demonstrates both significant prognostic information and the predictive benefit of adjuvant platinum based chemotherapy in high risk patients, as identified by this assay.

The panel presented several interesting and illustrative real life cases of the clinical utility of the assay and discussed relevance and utilization.


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