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Heart Transplantation in 2021 and Beyond: Expanded Donor Criteria, DCD Donation, and Normothermic Regional Perfusion

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posted on 2021-03-22, 21:27 authored by Amy G. Fiedler, David A. D'Alessandro, Ashish S. Shah, Jason W. Smith
On Friday, March 19, CTSNet hosted a live event on the new heart organ allocation system and how that has impacted transplant programs across the country. Moderated by Amy Fiedler, MD, assistant professor of cardiac surgery at the University of Wisconsin, and joined by panelists David A. D'Alessandro, MD, of Massachusetts General Hospital, Ashish S. Shah, MD, of Vanderbilt University, and Jason W. Smith, MD, of the University of Wisconsin, the roundtable also explored the role of DCD and normothermic regional perfusion in donors.


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