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Four Sternotomies, Three MitraClips: Now What?

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posted on 2020-09-08, 17:51 authored by Abdelrahman Abdelbar, Palanikumar Saravanan, Joseph Zacharias

In this video, the authors demonstrate the advantage of minimally invasive endoscopic beating mitral valve surgery with cardiopulmonary support in complex redo cases. This technique can simplify the procedure in the hands of experienced teams with minimally invasive surgery, especially with patients deemed to be at high risk for redo-sternotomy. The authors have moved to performing beating heart mitral surgery even for first time cases.


Abdelbar A, Zacharias J. Minimally Invasive Totally Endoscopic Beating Mitral Valve Repair. CTSNet. May 2020. doi:10.25373/ctsnet.12350867


Joseph Zacharias is a proctor for Edwards Lifesciences, Abbott, and Cryolife.


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