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Fissure-Last VATS Left Lower Lobe Lobectomy

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posted on 2021-05-12, 16:35 authored by Tristan D. Yan, Joel Dunning

Welcome to the tenth of twelve videos that compose the series "Thoracic Surgical Oncology - Technical Approaches" by Professor Tristan D. Yan.
The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital provides the largest thoracic oncology service in New South Wales, Australia.
This series of video tutorials demonstrate how to perform VATS lobectomy in a safe and simple way, using the Edinburgh Posterior Approach. This approach is favoured, because it provides excellent visualisation of the tips of the instruments coming towards the endoscope and each lobectomy generally takes less than 30 minutes to complete. This video shows a VATS left lower lobe lobectomy procedure, using the fissure last approach in a patient who had pulmonary sequestration with inflammatory lymph nodes in the hilum. Furthermore, this video also highlights how easy it is to take segmental bronchi and arteries individually via the Posterior Approach, which makes segmentectomy a simple task.


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