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Fish Bone Causing Shocking in Child

posted on 2020-11-02, 22:07 authored by Susan Osman, Mohsen Ahmed, Khaled Abdelaal, Essam Mohamed, Ahmed Amin, Abdelrahman Talal
A foreign body inhalation is an uncommon event, especially among children and young adults. The authors report a case of a 1.5-year-old boy who had presented to A&E with a 3-hour history of choking and coughing while eating a fish-based meal.
There were signs of respiratory distress (stridor). A plain chest X-ray demonstrated a radio-opaque shadow inside the trachea. A rigid bronchoscope was performed under general anesthesia, and after several attempts, a large fish bone was removed. The foreign body was found under the vocal cords, and the procedure was uneventful. The child was discharged 10 hours after bronchoscopy in a good general condition.


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