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First In Man implantation of Evita Open Neo in Hong Kong

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posted on 2020-12-14, 20:28 authored by Randolph HL Wong, Jacky YK Ho, Mohamad Bashir, Heinz Jakob
Aortic arch disease commonly involves multiple segments, leading to the need for multi-staged procedures. E-vita Open NEO is the latest locally available hybrid device for total aortic arch replacement and frozen elephant trunk procedure. A 60-year-old woman with chronic type B aortic dissection with ascending and arch aneurysm was successfully treated with the E-vita Open Neo branched graft in the authors’ institution. The introduction of the device was made possible with virtual proctoring between Hong Kong and Germany. Within the video, the authors discuss the design of E-vita Open NEO, indications of frozen elephant trunk, perioperative care, and specific surgical techniques.


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Mohamad Bashir and Heinz Jakob are consultants for CryoLife/JOTEC.


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