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Demystifying Mitral Valve Regurgitation Repair: Surgical Techniques for MD Students and Junior Residents in Cardiac Surgery

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posted on 2020-08-04, 21:28 authored by Piergiorgio Tozzi

This tutorial video is dedicated to MD students and junior residents in cardiac surgery. It describes the most common surgical techniques to repair a leaking mitral valve. The aim is to demystify the surgical procedure, clearly explaining the different mechanisms of mitral regurgitation and the rationale behind a successful mitral repair. The authors used a new teaching tool combining a specifically developed human-like simulator with a postproduction chroma key technique to facilitate the comprehension of this complex procedure. The result is an extraordinary clear video illustrating all the surgical anatomy of the mitral valve, the key steps of each procedure, and the potential pitfalls of the repair. The step-by-step approach and the quality of the images simplify the learning process. Mitral repair will have no more secrets for residents and students.


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