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Demonstration of a Right VATs 9 and 10 Bisegmentectomy

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posted on 2021-12-15, 22:28 authored by James Kofi Ackah, Mohammed Diab, Rakesh Krishnadas, Igor Saftic

The patient in this case is a sixty-eight-year-old male with a background of bowel adenocarcinoma (pT3aN1a) resected in 2019. Follow-up surveillance demonstrated two suspicious, enlarging non-fluorodeoxyglucose lesions in the right lung, one affecting the lateral basal (S9) and posterior basal (S10) of the right lower lobe, and the other within the right middle lobe abutting the horizontal fissure. The patient’s past medical history included a benign parotid nodule and a smoking history of fifty packs per year. His lung function test demonstrated an FEV1 of 87% and FVC of 104%.


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