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Controversies in Type A Aortic Dissection - Optimal Strategies and Surgical Interventions

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posted on 2017-06-29, 19:03 authored by Mohamad Bashir, Joseph Bavaria, Thoralf Sundt, Ali Khoynezhad, Martin Grabenwoger

The treatment of thoracic aortic dissection raises many controversies, including risk identification, strategies for the optimal treatment approach, and the appropriate surgical intervention. Mohamad Bashir of Barts Heart Centre moderates a discussion on these controversies with a panel of distinguished experts. Dr. Bashir is joined by Joseph Bavaria of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Thoralf Sundt of Massachusetts General Hospital, Ali Khoynezhad of Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, Martin Grabenwoger of Hospital Hietzing, and Heinz Jakob of the University of Essen.


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