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Catheter-Based Mitral Intervention imaging and Procedural TEE

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posted on 2020-11-16, 22:22 authored by Chunguang Chen, Alexis Okoh, Aakash Garg, Mark Russo
The catheter-based mitral intervention, particularly MitraClip, has become an important alternative to surgical repair or replacement of the mitral valve in patients with significant mitral regurgitation. The field of mitral valve intervention is rapidly evolving and thus requires more frequent updates of details and precision of cardiac imaging for the needs of the intervention. Currently, the primary imaging modality for assessment of mitral valve intervention is echocardiography. However, the role of other advanced cardiac imaging modality such cardiac MRI and cardiac CT will increase over time. The current review describes the optimal patient’s selection criteria, outlines a step-by-step approach with procedural imaging guidance, and defines the role of a heart team approach in achieving optimal outcomes.
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