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Cardiac Surgery Re-start and Beyond – Optimizing ICU Resource Utilization and Patient Safety

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posted on 2020-06-15, 18:57 authored by Tom C. Nguyen, Alexander J. Gregory, John Kellum, Spencer J. Melby, Louis P. Perrault, Alexander Zarbock

On Friday, June 12, CTSNet hosted a free one-hour live event that included compelling presentations and interactive discussions on how ERAS-related protocols are even more important in the COVID post-surge era.

Within the context of how ERAS helps mitigate the challenges of ICU resource consumption and improves patient safety, especially in a world that has been drastically changed by COVID, Tom Nguyen of University of Texas—Memorial Hermann, moderated a discussion on how to avoid acute kidney injury and achieve chest tube active clearance, among other important post-surgery strategies. The recording of the live event is now available.


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