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Southampton Reviews in Cardiothoracic Surgery Chapter One: Myocardial Protection

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posted on 2019-03-05, 19:35 authored by Abdelhadi Ismail, Aiman Alassar, Theodore Velissaris, Sunil Ohri

Mr Abdelhadi Ismail of the Southampton University Hospitals Trust in the UK presents an educational series on myocardial protection. He discusses the history of myocardial protection and perfusion, presents some of the fundamental concepts underlying myocardial protection, and reviews techniques.

These lectures are part of the Southampton Reviews in Cardiothoracic Surgery. In this series of online lectures, the authors cover many aspects of adult, pediatric, cardiac, and thoracic surgery. The aim of this series is to provide a comprehensive accessible learning aid for cardiothoracic trainees at various stages of training. The authors seek to provide the rationale behind every concept presented and simplify each concept to make learning and recalling easier.


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