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Extraction of a Rosary Bead Airway Foreign Body From 4-Year-Old Boy

posted on 2018-12-12, 18:13 authored by Mohsen Saber Mohammed Ahmed, Ahmed Amin, Ahmed Awad

A 4-year-old boy came to the emergency department with stridor. He had a 19-hour history of foreign body inhalation of a rosary bead. The authors performed a rigid bronchoscopy. They used a crocodile forceps with one jaw inside the hole of the bead and the other jaw grasping the outer surface. Then they extracted the forceps and sheath at the same time.

Figure 1: Chest x-rays. The red arrow shows the location of the rosary bead.

Figure 2: Forcep placement for grasping the bead.

Figure 3: Rosary bead, postextraction.


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