Robotic Sleeve Resection of the Bronchus Intermedius

2019-02-11T19:00:17Z (GMT) by Raul Caso M. Blair Marshall
<p>The authors have previously described a parenchymal-sparing sleeve resection of the bronchus intermedius for isolated strictures (1). Recently, they described a robotic parenchymal-sparing bronchus intermedius sleeve resection in a patient with a benign endobronchial lesion (2). In the video here, Caso and Marshall demonstrate the technical aspects of a complete portal robotic sleeve resection of the bronchus intermedius.<br></p><p>The patient was a 69-year-old woman who was found to have an endobronchial lesion that was not successfully resected endoscopically. A cautery artifact obscured the diagnosis with pathology suspicious for carcinoma, however the overall clinical picture was more suggestive of a benign lesion. The patient underwent a sleeve resection of the bronchus intermedius with final pathology showing benign adenoma. She tolerated the procedure well. There were no anastomotic or other complications.<br><br>Robotic-assisted thoracic surgery is increasingly being utilized for the performance of complex thoracic procedures. However, due to the concern with performing an oncologic resection and the steep learning curve, a minimally invasive sleeve resection and bronchial anastomosis has yet to be adopted by most thoracic surgeons. This video demonstrates the feasibility and utility of robotic-assisted thoracic surgery in the management of benign pathology of the bronchus intermedius.</p><p><strong>References</strong></p><ol><li>Paulson EC, Singhal S, Kucharczuk JC, Sterman DH, Kaiser LR, Marshall MB. Bronchial sleeve resection for posttransplant stricture. <a href=""><em>Ann Thorac Surg</em>. 2003;76(6):2075-2076</a>.</li><li>Caso R, Watson TJ, Marshall MB. Complete portal robotic sleeve resection of the bronchus intermedius. <a href=""><em>J Vis Surg</em>. 2018;4:203</a>.</li></ol>