Robot-Assisted Evacuation of Hemothorax

2019-04-08T19:21:25Z (GMT) by G. Kimble Jett
<p>Hemothorax is second only to rib fractures as the most common complication in patients with chest trauma (1). Hemothorax following valve replacement utilizing a minithoracotomy approach on the opposite side is a rare complication of minimally invasive valve replacement. Retained clot with hemothorax can be evacuated by video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS), but 26.5% require a second procedure, 5.4% a third procedure, and 20.4% require conversion to a thoracotomy (2). Robot-assisted control of hemorrhage and evacuation of hemothorax may be superior to VATS or thoracotomy due to improved vision and precision.<br></p> <p><strong>References</strong></p><ol><li>LoCicero J III. <em><a href="">Shield’s General Thoracic Surgery</a></em>. Vol 2. 8th ed. Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands: Wolters Kluwer; 2018:1430-1431.</li><li>DuBose J, Inaba K, Demetriades D, et al. Management of post-traumatic retained hemothorax: a prospective, observational, multicenter AAST study. <a href=""><em>J Trauma Acute Care Surg</em>. 2012;72(1):11-22</a>.</li></ol><div>Dr Jett is a speaker and proctor for Intuitive Surgical, Inc.<br></div><p></p>