Right Upper Lobe Microlobectomy With the Double Double

2019-05-01T22:02:38Z (GMT) by Joel Dunning
<p>This is a right upper lobe microlobectomy and the author uses the stapler to perform a double stapling twice, hence the “Double Double!”</p><p>The procedure shown in this video is the microlobectomy technique, which is fully described at www.microlobectomy.com (1).</p> <p>The author did a lymphadenectomy, then dissected out the right upper lobe vein and the truncal branch of the pulmonary artery. He transected both of these vessels with a single Tan 45 stapler from the subxiphoid port.</p><p>The author then dissected out the posterior ascending artery and the right upper lobe bronchus, again dividing them both with a single stapler as they lined up very nicely with the stapler coming from the subxiphoid port.</p><p>The author also used the Surgiwand™ (Covidien, Dublin, Ireland) in this video. It is a hook diathermy and also a sucker in one, which means that one does not have to remove the hook from the surgical field when they want to do some suction.</p><p><strong>References</strong></p><ol><li>Dunning J, Elsaegh M, Nardini M, et al. Microlobectomy: a novel form of endoscopic lobectomy. <a href="https://doi.org/10.1177/155698451701200403"><em>Innovations (Phila).</em> 2017;12(4):247-253</a>.</li></ol>